Hey! I'm Nelson and I'm excited to meet you!

I am a TEDx speaker, best-selling author, entrepreneur, and CFO. As a Chartered Professional Accountant, I've had the opportunity to serve companies like KPMG, Pearson Education, CPA Canada, and Cathay Pacific Airways.

Vancouver, B.C. is my hometown and outside of fulfilling my purpose, you'll find me pumping iron, reading, or spending time with Family. I find the most joy in life helping to lift others up and I do this through my books, financial literacy course, and coaching. I love seeing people transform for the better and start living the life that they desire and deserve.

Passion drives me and mine is found in helping people understand and build confidence around their personal financial situation - something that is not formally taught to the level that people need to succeed in life.

It's time to level up your life, let's get started!

- Nelson

My story...

Me at 23:

- living an unfulfilled life with no sense of purpose.

- chasing job titles, promotions, and pay raises.

- living with bad debt.

- one source of income.

Me at 30:

- living my purpose and helping other people improve their lives.

- multiple six-figure net-worth

- all bad debt is repaid

- multiple sources of income

A lot can change if you put in the work and take action!

Bucket list - CHECK!

I live my life by doing things today that will minimize future regret. This puts me outside of my comfort zone more often than I prefer. I've learned over time that outside of your comfort zone is where the magic truly happens.

In 2021, I checked off 2 bucket list items.

1) Become a professionally published author - Life Literacy

2) Deliver my first TEDx Talk - Financial Literacy and the Social Media Generation

Who knows what the future has in store, but I'm EXCITED and will keep living outside my comfort zone. You should too!

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